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They call me J., but you can call me tonight.☎️👻

I finished watching Yamishibai last night, and I still can’t stop imitating that high pitched noise that the umbrella goddess makes. 

Look what appeared in my mailbox today! ヽ( ・ิ∀・ิ )ノ

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The Corner Game 

The Corner Game is a game that involves using nothing other than the four corners of a room. According to superstition, if you look at one of the corners of the dark room before you sleep, ghosts will come and haunt you.

This game requires each of the four players to sit in corners and rotate to arouse the spirit’s curiosity. People have reported that sometimes the ghost messes with the players and sometimes even plays along.

You need:

  • Four people
  • An empty room without furniture

Step 1.) Rid the house of anyone/anything (i.e. pets) that isn’t a player.

Step 2.) Turn off all the lights except for the ones in the room you’re playing in.

Step 3.) Once you enter the selected room, call out your name three times.

Step 4.) Talk amongst yourselves to decide who will give out signals. If someone who’s not the designated speaker talks during the game, all players might be injured.

Step 5.) Close the door

Step 6.) Each person picks a corner to stand in, and faces the wall.


Friend 1—Friend 4

Friend 2—Friend 3

Step 7.) The person who’s supposed to give out the signal counts to three and then everyone rotates. If you accidentally run into the other player, quietly turn on the light and start again after a few seconds.


Friend 2—Friend 1

Friend 3—Friend 4

They say that during the game someone will disappear. If someone does disappear, then the person in charge of signaling the others lets everyone know.

To bring the person back:

Mutter your name backwards three times, press your back against the wall, and turn on the light.

To end:

Step 1.) if one of the players is still standing in one spot, then assume it’s a ghost. After the signal, go behind the person.

Step 2.) When all four players gather around with their backs to the wall, place your hands on the switch, whisper each other’s name backwards three times, and flip the switch.

Step 3.) After the game, open all the doors in order and refresh the room for 1-2 minutes. 

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playing soul calibur 5 online as shrekimitsu is an experience


i had one guy yell at me down the mic “no, fuck off, im not fucking fighting shrek, this is a serious game” and he d/ced

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"You can see the flowers in my hair, but not the devils in my brain."

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