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Answer Man

The Answer Man is an urban legend about a game that is played by kids in Japan. They say the game can invoke an evil spirit that will answer any question given to it.

You need:

  • Ten people who each own a cell phone
Step 1: Gather ten people in a loose circle. Each person must have the cell phone number of the person to their left.

Step 2: On the count of three, each person presses the call button to contact the person on their left 

Step 3: Everyone puts their phone to their ear and listens

Because everyone is calling each other at the same time, all of the phones should be busy and nobody should receive an answer.
However, one person will find that their call is mysteriously answered and they will hear a voice on the other end of the line.
This is the Answer Man.
When you are on the phone with the Answer Man, you can ask him anything. He will answer whatever questions you choose to ask him. However, after he gives you your answer, he will have a question for you. They say that if you answer his questions incorrectly or are unable to give an answer, a large gnarled hand will appear from the phone and tear off a piece of your body.
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